What do you need to make a complete RGBW Colour Changing LED Strip System?

To create a fully working Adjustabale White or CCT LED Strip system, you will need to add some form of control system to the usual LED Strip and Power Supply. This control mixes the power between the warm and cool white chips on the LED Strip to give you the exact colour temperature that you require.

Essential Items

LED Strip. Obvious really. These LED Strips are made with 4 different colour temperature LEDs which are then mixed together to provide the colour you want - just like mixing paint.

Power Supply & Interface. You can choose a regular 24v Power Supply in which case you will also need an Interface which is connected between the Power Supply and the LED Strip - if you are using less than 7m of LED Strip in a single run, then you will find the PowerSmart more convenient as it is a Power Supply with a built in Interface.


HaloLED Interface with integrated 75w Smart Power Supply 


Amazon Echo Compatible Receiver & Power Supply


Zigbee Receiver for use with Philips Hue & 75w Power Supply.

you will also need

Control Used to physically control the on/off, dimming and the exact Colour. Works with Halo Interfaces and PowerSmart.


HaloLED Hand Held 4 Zone, 2 Scene Remote Control

HaloLED Wall Mounted Touch Switch With 4 Zones (Coming soon)


Cables You will need a 5 Core cable to connect up your system. We recommend a 20 AWG wire as it's easy to use and has a decent current capacity.


Sold by the metre.

Optional Items

Aluminium Profiles

GRIPPA Solder Free Connectors

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