LED System Checklists

LEDs are appropriate for many lighting applications, they are designed to produce a lot of light from a small form factor while maintaining fantastic efficiency. Here at LEDSpace there are a variety of LEDs for all kinds of different lighting applications, the trick is knowing how to use them. LED technology is a tad different than other lighting that most people are familiar with. The LED System Checklists below should guide you through and indicate as to what you need to know about LED lighting: what is required to complete a fully working LED lighting system, what type of cable and connections that you need along side the various options on how you plan on controlling your lighting. 

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Everything you need to know to get started with your  project
Checklist for Single LED Strip Lights

Single Colour

Checklist for RGBW LED Strip Lights


Checklist for Adjustable White LED Strip Lights

Adjustable White

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