Checklist For RGBW LED System

Providing you have selected or have an RGBW LED strip light that you are thinking of purchasing for example; ColourStrip60, ColourStrip96 etc. but don't know what else you need, then the below is a very basic run through/sequence of the items required to complete an RGBW LED strip lighting system or solution.

All LED strip lights are priced by the metre and when purchasing multiple metres, you will get it as a continuous run and can be cut down to size on site. 

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Here is what you need for an RGBW LED strip lighting system

These are the basic set of items required which can be wired into a new or existing socket/switch
RGBW LED Strip Light

LED Strip Light
LED Strip Power Supply

Power Supply
5-Core Cable for RGBW LED Strip

5-Core Cable
Grippa Connector for RGBW LED Strip

Grippa Connector
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Option 1

For standard & simple colour changing

You just need an interface and then choose one controller option that is best for you
Interface for RGBW LED Strip

RGBW Interface
Handheld Remote for RGBW LED Strip

Handheld Remote
Wall Switch for RGBW LED Strip

Wall Switch
Option 2

For smart & advanced colour changing

Quick and easy to link up and integrate to an existing smart home setup
Smartphone Interface for RGBW LED Strip

Smartphone Interface
Amazon & Google Interface for RGBW LED Strip

Amazon & Google Interface
ZigBee Interface for RGBW LED Strip

ZigBee Philips Hue Interface
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