35mm Wide Deep Recessed Aluminium Profile and Diffuser For LED Strip (2m)

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  • 35.2mm wide deep recessed LED profile
  • Reduced spotting to produce a smoother light output
  • Supplied with an opal diffuser & a pair of end caps
  • Suitable for LED strip lights up to 30mm wide


These deeper LED profiles provide more distance between the LED and diffuser thus reducing spotting and producing a smoother light appearance. 

Ideal for creating bright primary lighting as it has plenty of space for high power or colour changing LED strip.

This LED aluminium profile is a deep version of our wide recessed profile and is designed to be rebated to sit flush with the mounting surface. The wider internal sizing leaves enough space for double rows or extra wide LED strips.

This LED housing is supplied complete with diffuser and end caps. 

Product Code : ALU17P-S


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