HaloLED Dimming Pack for Single Colour

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Add dimming to your 24v single colour LED Strip systems at a substantial saving over the individual prices. Includes both a power supply and remote control.

The PowerSmart has an inbuilt 75w power supply combined with a HaloLED receiver which is easily paired with the remote control to provide smooth on/off and dimming.

You can add extra PowerSmart units if required as the remote can be paired to multiple units simultaneously.

Operates with any of our 24v Single Colour LED Strips

It's easy to set up and pair to other items in the HaloLED range - just press 1 button on the PowerSmart , and then one press on the chosen controller and they are ready to work together. PowerSmart can be linked to multiple controls so you could have a standard remote as well as a wall mounted switch if required.

When calculating the amount of LED Strip you want to power, take the wattage and multiply by the length in metres. For maximum reliability allow around 20% extra capacity in the Power Supply - for example use a round 60w max in a 75w power supply.


The power supply is designed for long term reliability and safety, and has built in protection against :  Open Circuit, Short Circuit, Over Load and Over Heat.



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