HaloLED Smart Dimming LED Power Supply | 75w 24V

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An integrated power supply and HaloLED wireless receiver suitable for use with up to 8m of 24v Advantage Solderless LED Strip.

It makes installation and control of LED Strip systems easier, quicker and neater as the LED Strip is simply wired directly into the PowerSmart unit with no additional controller required. Next pair the PowerSmart to you chosen controls and that's it - ready to use.


It's easy to set up and pair to other items in the HaloLED range - just press 1 button on the PowerSmart , and then one press on the chosen controller and they are ready to work together. PowerSmart canbe linked to multiple controls so you could have a standard remote as well as a wall mounted switch if required.


These units are dimmable when used with any HaloLED control


The power supply is designed for long term reliability and safety, and has built in protection against :  Open Circuit, Short Circuit, Over Load and Over Heat.

The primary/input end is marked with a Live and Neutral terminal to connect to a 100-240v AC current. It is SELV marked and has Class II Protection for protection against electric shock from direct and indirect currents with a fail-safe transformer. Double insulated and suitable for installation or attachment to furniture with all flammable properties.

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