Wall Mounted RGBW LED Strip Lighting Touch Controller in Black

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Looking for a more permanent solution to controlling your RGBW LED strip lighting? Tired of losing hand-held remote controls? If so, this wall-mounted touch LED strip colour controller may be the answer to your problems. 

The touch-sensitive interface allows you to smoothly scroll through colours, change modes and switch on and off with the tip of your finger. It's designed to be mounted in the same way as a standard light switch, leaving just the glossy black faceplate exposed for a neat, contemporary appearance. 

Using the RGBW Touch Controller

Touch Wheel Colour Chooser - Select from a huge range of colours by simply sliding your finger around the selector wheel until you find your desired shade.

On/Off Button - Quickly turn the LED strip on or off, your last setting will be memorised when you switch back on.

M (Mode) Button - Cycle through the 11 available modes on the controller, including static colours, gentle fading between colours and flashing. 

Up/Down Buttons - Used for increasing/decreasing the brightness or speed of the colour change, depending on the selected mode. 


This RGBW Touch Controller requires a power feed in from your power supply and provides a typical RGBW output, +24V, R, G, B, W

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