How To Join LED Profiles

How To Join LED Profiles

Joining LED Profiles

A common mistake that many people make when they are fitting their LED strip lights to an LED profile, is cutting the extrusion a little too short, meaning they have most of their LED strip lights placed within the profile and a loose end hanging out. This can be easily resolved by simply lining up the two pieces of aluminium extrusion. If you want to complete your project quicker, then simply take the measurements and have the profiles cut for you so when they arrive it’s just a case of placing them where you need.

Have your LED strip at the ready with the adhesive backing ready to be placed down. Once you have lined the two pieces of aluminium extrusions up as perfectly as you can, simply continue to lay your LED strip across the extrusion and the adhesive should hold the two pieces together snuggly. You can then place the diffusing plastic over the two aluminium LED profiles and it should look almost seamless. 

It is worth noting that there may be a small, but hardly visible line where the diffuser and aluminium profile had been cut, however if you are placing them somewhere well out of sight this should go unnoticed. The LED lights will still work as intended and no light output will be effected by this method of joining LED profiles together.

An Alternative Method

If you wish to have a little more support for the two aluminium LED profile pieces, you can follow the steps above but instead of just clipping on the diffusing covers, you can stagger them so that one piece of diffusing cover will go over the middle of where the aluminium extrusions have been joined together to help offer more support.

You would then simply need to cut another piece of diffusing cover to the appropriate length to stagger it further up. This method will help improve structural rigidity and will generally be a better option to help improve the longevity of your LED lights and LED profiles.

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