Digital Addressable LED Strip

Digital addressable SPI LED strip lighting, including SK6812 RGBW,  WS2812-B RGB, UCS2904 and INK1003 digital LED tape for creative dynamic lighting projects. Digital LED strip lights allow you to control LEDs separately or in groups in order to create moving effects.

Our digital addressable LED tape range includes options for use at a range of voltages, including 5V, 12V and 24V. Generally speaking, 5V digital LED strip allows you to control every LED independently, 12V digital LED strip can be controlled in groups of three and 24V digital LED strip is controlled in groups of six.

Control options are generally quite specific to the application, however our HaloLED controllers provide a flexible solution for most common effects and are compatible with DMX input as well as acting as standalone controllers. For more bespoke requirements we offer a complete custom control service. 

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