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Seamlesss (Whites) Kit Builder


Utilise this kit builder when you need to build a lighting system based on just a single white, be it a warm, natural or cool white, from 2700K to 6000K.

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Seamlesss (RBG) Kit Builder


Red, green, blue and 16+ million colours of hue in between. This kit builder is for those that require a lighting system that changes to a colour of your choice.

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Seamlesss (CCT Adjustable White) Kit Builder

Adjustable White

If you need to change the mood, our Seamless CCT kit builder is great for those that want to adjust the lighting to anything from warm to cool white.

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TRADE & PROSTRIP: Single Colours


Need a virbrant single colour? We have economically priced TradeStrip & commercial grade ProStrip.

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ColourStrip RGB+W


If you need all the colours of the rainbow + a good, vibrant white, our ColourStrip RGB+W options are best suited to you.

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PROSTRIP: Adjustable White

Adjustable White

Commercial grade adjustable white (CCT) LED strip lighting. Utilise this Kit Builder and build your ideal CCT system.

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