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Understaning Kelvin Temperatures

Kelvin is the base unit used to measure thermodynamic temperature. The colour temperature of LED’s is measured in ‘Kelvins’. The LED’s Kelvin output will determine what colour shade of white light that your LED bulbs will output. This can range from warmer tones of white, too much cooler shades of white which will tend to be much whiter in their tone.

Inspirational Lighting Ideas for your Bedroom

Wondering how to breathe life into your bedroom? Thinking of the atmospheric and glossy LED lit bedrooms you’ve seen online? Read on, and we'll explain all.

Installing LED Strip Lights On Shelving, Kickboards, Cabinets & Plinths

Curious how you can get the most out of your LED strip light installation in your home? Here are some useful methods to install LED strip lighting in your home.

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