Power Supplies

We stock a range of power supplies for LED strip lighting, in both 12v and 24v formats.

The wattage you choose will depend on the type and amount of LED strip that you intend to use. Unsure which power supply to use?

Why not read our Choosing A Power Supply For LED Strip - click here

Product Description Product Code Price Quantity Required
Default Title 15w 12v LED Power Supply - PowerPro15-12 PowerPro15-12 £8.55
Default Title 15w 24V LED Power Supply - PowerPro15-24 PowerPro15-24 £8.55
Default Title 40w 24V LED Power Supply - PowerPro40-24 PowerPro40-24 £13.99
Default Title 48w Laptop Style 12V LED Power Supply With DC Jack Output - Power48 Power48 £13.99
Default Title 75w 12V LED Power Supply - PowerPro75-12 PowerPro75-12 £21.38
Default Title 75w 24V LED Power Supply - Powerpro75-24 Powerpro75-24 £19.95
Default Title 100w Power Supply For 12V LED Strip With DC Jack Output - PowerPro100-12 PowerPro100-12 £26.67
Default Title 100w 24v LED Power Supply - PowerPro100-24 PowerPro100-24 £30.10
Default Title Slimline 100w 24v LED Power Supply - PowerPro100-24-SS PowerPro100-24-SS £34.30
Default Title Waterproof 100w 24V LED Power Supply (IP67) - Powerpro100-24-W Powerpro100-24-W £21.75
Default Title 150w Power Supply For 12V LED Strip - PowerPro150-12 PowerPro150-12 £50.91
Default Title 150w 24v LED Power Supply - PowerPro150-24 PowerPro150-24 £50.91
Default Title 200w Meanwell LED Power Supply For 12V LED Strip - PowerPro200-12-MWRSP PowerPro200-12-MWRSP £50.63
Default Title 200w Meanwell LED Power Supply For 24V LED Strip - PowerPro200-24-MWRSP PowerPro200-24-MWRSP £50.63
Default Title Waterproof 200w 24V LED Power Supply (IP67) - Powerpro200-24-W Powerpro200-24-W £41.30
Default Title 320w 24V Meanwell LED Power Supply - PowerPro320-24-MWRSP PowerPro320-24-MWRSP £59.37