Interface For Mains Voltage Lamps Wifi Triac dimmer

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Controllable using the Tuya App and voice control with Amazon ECHO 

The HaloLED ACDim is a compact unit, easy to fit unit which can be mounted in a standard deep wall box or hidden out of view in a ceiling space. It provides smooth dimming as well as on/off functions to dimmable mains voltage LED or Halogen Lamps. It has an RF link to Halo Controls and has a 1amp switching capacity so can be used to switch multiple lamps on the same circuit. 

As an example of how to use it we have taken a single room with 7 dimmable LED Ceiling downlighters - the fittings are arranged in 2 separate zones - one to provide good reading lighting over the seating area which the other zone provides full room lighting.
2 * ACDim units were installed on the mains feeds to each circuit and them mounted out of sight in a cupboard. Next, add a control - we chose to use a multi zone wall switch. This requires a live and neutral feed but does not have to be on the lighting circuit - it's simply power for the unit itself.
Pairing it to the ACDim units is easy - switch the power to the MainsDim units off and then back on and then within 5 seconds press the required Zone button button on the switch 3 times in quick succession - you will know when it has paired as the lamps will flash 3 times.
To allow full zonal control, you will need to set each zone separately - once the zones have been set then you can set scenes - a scene contains any or all of the zones - to set a scene, select a zone and then adjust the lighting to the level you require and then give a long press to the scene button you would like to allocate this setting to. Repeat the same process for all zones. When complete, a press of the scene button will set each zone to the appropriate level.
The beauty of the HaloLED system is that you can mix and match receivers so if some zones use ACDim which other zones have low voltage receiver, that's fine as they can all be added to the same scene.


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