LEISURE8 | 6500k | 12v | 8w
LEISURE8 | 6500k | 12v | 8w

LEISURE8 | 6500k | 12v | 8w

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Product Code LEISURE8-65-12V

Seamless - absolutely no spotting - a continuous and even light along the whole length.

Made with the latest manufacturing techniques means no spotting even without a diffuser.  This is a 8mm wide LED Strip which is perfect for DIY installation as it comes with a range of solder free connectors. It's small size means it can be used in most aluminium profiles whilst it's DOTFREE performance means even very low profile profiles perform well.

This strip can be used with our SOLDER FREE connectors which means connection to the power supply is quick, easy and reliable (Part code NS-LINE8-CP)

It operates at 12V and a maximum of 8w per metre and if powered from one end the maximum single length is 4m, however if you want a longer length we can make this for you but you will need to provide power to both ends.

The LED's are coated with a flexible silicon material which offers protection against dirt and contamination and is easily cleaned if required.

It is compatible with any of our HaloLED controls.

Seamless has a 3M VHB (Very High Bond) adhesive backing for easy installation and a long term adhesion.

5 Year Warranty

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