The Benefits of Adjustable White LED Strip Lights

The Benefits of Adjustable White LED Strip Lights

Tunable white LED lighting, also known as Adjustable White or Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT) LED lighting is becoming more popular in homes all across the globe ranging from bulbs, panels and LED strip lights.

What is Adjustable CCT White LED Strip?

Tunable white LED strip light, adjustable colour temperature LED strip or CCT changeable LED tape lights are able to change between different temperatures of white light ranging from very cool white all the way down to very warm white and everything in-between.

Adjustable White - Warm to Cool


More whiter or blue light generally has the effect of making us more alert and can therefore make us more productive, in a well-lit environment that natural mode is stimulated and we are much more energetic and focused and this type of lighting is therefore often found in places of work including warehouses or offices.

The softer hues in the warm white light can assist in calming or relaxing our mood and is ideal for domestic areas of the home or certain commercial locations like restaurants as it sets the scene and therefore the mood.

So what makes CCT LED so appealing?

Adjustable CCT LED is able to change between temperatures of white light giving an entirely different experience of tone and feel with each colour temperature in any given space or area.

Tunable white technology allows one fixture to have multiple white tones, ranging from very warm white to cool white. Adjustable CCT white LED lighting creates an environment that helps us in a natural way just like daylight.

Adjustable White CCT - Living Room

All of these terms refer to a type of LED strip light that can be adjusted to emit variable shades of white, usually in the range from 2400K to 5800K colour temperature (CCT). It is usually a 24V adjustable white LED strip. The adjusting white shades or changing colour temperature is achieved through a handheld remote, wired tunable white LED controller or even a Zigbee component which allows you to control the lighting via a digital assistant like Alexa or Google Home.

What are the benefits of tunable white LED lighting?

Whether you are thinking about getting tunable lighting for your home, office, or a commercial facility, you want to have the option to adjust the light to create the perfect atmosphere or simply balance the rhythm and mood of the day. For instance, a restaurant may want to have varying CCT capabilities for different events or parts of their service to create a desired ambience while a hospital may want to have cooler light during the day to help patients be more alert and a warmer light at night to help patients relax and rest. Furthermore it offers specific geographical spaces lacking natural light the option to control the lighting which can help us to be more focused or productive, dependent on what is required in any given space.

Tunable white LED lighting can be beneficial in several ways including health benefits as the technology supports the Human Centric Lighting (HCL) which is focused on the circadian rhythm that controls our body clock among other aspects. Studies of the Circadian Rhythm have shown that the intensity, timing, duration, and wavelength of light can affect the biological clock of humans.

A high proportion of cool white stimulates and promotes concentration where as the warm light is calming therefore Tunable white LED lighting benefits our mood.

Adjustable White CCT - Bedroom

Research shows bright blue lighting or cool white increases a healthy appetite, increase in temperature and heart rate, and increased cognitive function.

Warmer lighting allows for the calm low hormone levels and healing of patients in hospitals.

Tunable white LED lighting put simply means changing the tones in the light can change our environment.

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