Cutting LED Profiles For Corners

Cutting LED Profiles For Corners

It can be tricky when installing aluminium LED profiles or extrusions and there are corners involved. It is worth noting that you will be required to do some measuring and of course to cut your LED profiles to suit the corner you are installing your LED profiles around. If you are a keen DIYer then you should have no trouble cutting the profiles to size on your own.

Cutting LED Profiles

Firstly, you will want to measure the angle at which your corner bends at measure the corner angle you wish to cut your aluminium LED profile at. Most commonly this will be close to a 45-degree angle to line up the perfect right angle LED profile shape. This may vary depending on your project's installation requirements.

Once you have clearly marked out where you plan to cut, you can then line up your cut with your saw. It is recommended to use a sliding compound circular buzz, or a buzz saw if you don’t have an expensive type of circular saw. You can then make the cut ensuring that the aluminium piece of LED profile has been firmly clamped down.

You should then have a smooth cut with the desired angle created on the piece of aluminium LED profile. Repeat again for the other piece, making an opposite cut so the angles will match up to create the perfect corner.

Installing The LED Strips

Once you have pieced the corners together with the appropriate LED profile mounts, you can then begin to insert your LED strip lighting. Ideally you will want to have two LED light strips coming in from each end and then place the diffuser over the top. There will be a small seam at the corner but this shouldn’t affect the light output and should be hardly noticeable unless pointed out.

Alternative Method 

As things like saws and safety equipment can get very expensive and can increase the cost of your project exponentially. An alternative option would be choosing from LED Space’s range of LED profile corner channels for 90 degree corners.

Here at LEDSpace we also have a huge variety of commercial grade LED strip lights at more than reasonable prices for the quality. We have everything you need to kick-start your project and make your LED strip light installation as easy as possible.

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