Ideas For Using LED Strip Lighting In Your Kitchen

Ideas For Using LED Strip Lighting In Your Kitchen

LED strip lighting can be a superb way to enhance the look and feel of your kitchen. A simple yet quality addition that can easily be made to help give a more modern and sophisticated tone throughout the room. LEDs can be used in a multitude of ways and in various places throughout your kitchen to help you achieve a professional, sleek looking design. 


Where To Use LED Strip Lighting In Your Kitchen 

LED lighting can be used throughout your kitchen and will be suitable for almost any kitchen design should you wish to implement them. LEDs can be used to help bring out certain features of your kitchen. Some places you might want to use LED strip lighting throughout your kitchen may include:


  • In Cupboards - This is a great place to implement LED lights. You can choose to install LED strip lighting into cupboards which may have a glass panel on them allowing for a backlit effect. Many people choose to use RGB LEDs for this to help give their kitchen a modern look. However, white LEDs can also look just as good if you want to achieve a bright, clean look that complements modern and contemporary kitchen spaces.


  • Under Cabinets - A hugely popular choice with many sleek and modern kitchens, under cabinet LED lighting can really help set off a kitchen's vibes and is a much more economically friendly implementation of a ‘working light’. By using LED’s underneath your cabinets, you can help to create a subtle glow effect around the base of your kitchen, it also looks amazing when it gets dark outside.


  • Coving -  An often overlooked place to install LED strip lighting is in a coving area if your kitchen design has one or alternatively you could install LED strip lighting above your cabinets for a similar effect. White LED’s tend to look very sleek and sophisticated when used here and help offer some nice ambience within your kitchen when the main lighting source is turned off.


  • Plinth - You can create an beautiful feature effect by installing plinth LED lighting within your kitchen. This is a great way to create a warm, sensual atmosphere within your kitchen. We recommend choosing warmer LED lights for this. However, it is worth noting that if you happen to have very shiny tile flooring, do be careful when installing plinth LED strip lighting as the tiles can reflect the LED light bulbs.


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