Installing LED Strip Lighting Underneath Kitchen Cabinets

Installing LED Strip Lighting Underneath Kitchen Cabinets

Installing LED lighting strips underneath kitchen cabinets is a great way to add a dash of simplistic modernism. Add some extra lighting in the kitchen or use LED strip lighting to create stunning feature pieces with a unique sense of style. But first, you will need a few things to get started:


First Step

You will first need to accurately measure the intended area you plan to install the LED strip lighting. You can then cut and solder the LED strips appropriately to fit in the intended area of installation.

Second Step

If required, you can solder your LED strips after cutting them using lead free solder.

Third Step

You can add some solder to the copper wires which are on the transformer and then you can solder the wires onto the LED strip lighting tape. Ensure care is taken to solder the correct wires to the correct solder pads.

Fourth Step

Ensure that you have switched off the mains power source before continuing with step four.

You then need to wire the transformer to the mains power source. The transformer should have three wires, the brown wire which is the live wire, the blue wire which is the neutral wire and then the yellow or green wire which is your earth wire.

You then to match the appropriate wires to the mains power source, you will then need to connect these by soldering all the wires together.

Fifth Step

Then screw the transformer underneath the kitchen or bathroom cabinet ensuring it is installed out of site.

Sixth Step

Once you have the transformer installed securely, you can then begin to install the LED tape. Start removing the adhesive backing from the LED strip, then you can secure the LED strip lighting out of sight underneath the desired cabinet. For the nicest effect, we recommend that you position the LED strip lights close to the edge of the underside of the cabinet to help create a nice ‘halo’ like glow from underneath.

Seventh Step

If any cable is on show or hanging down, you can use the hot glue gun to glue these to the underside of the cabinet so they are out of sight.

Eighth Step

Finally, switch everything on to ensure everything is in working order. You can now enjoy your new feature lighting which looks awesome, good job!

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