Installing LED Strip Lights On Shelving, Kickboards, Cabinets & Plinths

Installing LED Strip Lights On Shelving, Kickboards, Cabinets & Plinths

LED strip lighting can really change the look, feel and vibe of a space. Quite often they are used in generic places such as behind a TV or behind a mirror. But LED strip lighting has many versatile options for use. LED strip lighting features can be used to add subtle, bright and modern highlights to kickboards, skirting boards and plinths throughout your home. Other great uses include installing LED strip lighting on shelves and cabinets.

Installing LED Lights On Skirting Boards, Plinths & Kickboards

It is worth noting that before you decide to install LED strip lighting along your plinth or skirting boards that you should assess the surface below the LED strip lighting where the light will fall. Some floors or surfaces can be reflective and show the LED light 'spots'.

For installing LED strip lights on a skirting board, if the skirting board material has space a long the top where the wood meets the wall, this can be an ideal place to install your LED strip lighting.

Alternatively, if your room happens to have a kickboard or plinth with a hollow space underneath, then this is the most ideal place to install LED strip lighting as it will be hidden out of sight from the human eye. LED profiles can also be used to assist with the desired outcome and to help diffuse the light to give more of a ‘halo’ effect.

Installing LED Lights On Shelving, Cabinets & Coving

Ceiling coving can come in a multitude of shapes, sizes and styles. Coving is what is known as a decorative ceiling mould between where the wall meets the ceiling. If the coving is hollow, then this would be an ideal place to install some LED strip lighting to help give the room a sophisticated and modern look. Preferably you want to place your LED strips as far back from the wall to increase the amount of light that can spill down the wall and fill space between the coving and the wall.

Installing LED strip lighting underneath cabinets can really help add a stand out feature to your kitchen or bathroom. This can help add an element of decor or can be used to simply provide more light when cooking if you were to use white LED lights.

Ideally, placing the LED lights behind a lip on the bottom of the cabinet is what you should aim for so it is out of sight. However, if placed far enough back the LED lights should remain hidden if there is no lip. Be careful of shiny surfaces as this can result in an unwanted glare or LED bulb reflection.

Shelving and bookcases can easily be transformed by backlighting them or under lighting them with LED strip lights to help add a modern style to the room.

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