Using HaloLED Controls To Create A Smart Lighting System

Using HaloLED Controls To Create A Smart Lighting System

HaloLED is a cost effective, room level, smart lighting system that allows you to easily control different types of led lighting from one place. Mix single colour, RGBW and even digital strips in the same scene to create interesting and dramatic effects.

Key parts: -

1) PowerSmart:

A combined power supply and control interface which autodetects the type of LED Strip you are using and sets the correct communications protocol. It is a 4 channel unit so can control standard single colour LED Strip, adjustable colour temperature led strip and RGB&W colour changing led strip.

2) Controls :

You can select from a range of different control - all are easy to link to PowerSmart units - you can choose to link multiple difference controls to a single Powersmart or link multiple PowerSmarts to a single control. This way if you have different types of led strip in different parts of a room, it's possible to control all different types simultaneously from the a single control.

3 Smartphone control (optional)

Download the HaloLED app for iOS or Android and plug in your AppLink. Connect your phone to the WiFi that AppLink generates, then use the HaloLED app to connect your AppLink to your home WiFi network. You can now you can access AppLink whenever you’re connected to your WiFi. 


Zones and scenes - what's the difference?

A zone is a group of LED Strip lights which are all controlled together - for example you may have undercabinet lighting and plinth lighting in a kitchen - these can be linked together in a single zone meaning they will all perform in the same way at the same time.

Scenes are like snapshots of all zones so for example if you want all LED Strips in zone 1 to operate at 20%, and the colour changing strips in zone 2 to be green, then these can be set to a particular scene number for instant recall at a later time. You may also like another scene when lights in zone 1 are set to 100% and the colour changing lights are off. Easy. Just set this to scene 2. You can then switch between scenes at the touch of a button.

4) Take control

Now that you have your favourite settings saved, you can instantly switch between them without the app using the wireless wall switch or remote control. They also act as a simple on/off or dimmer switch.

Colour options

Atmosphere Colours and Whites

Play with colour to your heart's content with HaloLED Colours, blending full colour and white to create over 16 million colour possibilities. Mix and match colours in your rooms to create totally unique atmospheres that transform a space. You can adjust the colours of your HaloLED LED strip lights or bulbs using the app or remote control.

Atmosphere Tunable Whites

HaloLED Tunable Whites allow you to adjust the colour temperature of your lights to from Warm White to Cool White, depending on the situation. Cool whites are great for providing bright working light, whereas warm whites create a cosy, comfortable atmosphere.

Atmosphere Standard Whites

For those who don’t need to adjust colours, HaloLED Whites provide an uniquely easy-to-customise solution that you can wirelessly control. DB2 LED strip lights feature onboard connectors so you can quickly create tailored lighting without soldering.

Remote control

A flexible and easy to use remote control which can be used to operate all types of HaloLED lighting. You can also set and recall up to three scenes. You might choose to have a "dinner" mode and a "cleaning mode" where the lighting is set differently for each scene.

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