Case Study:

Ninja Warrior UK Adventure Parks

Ninja Warrior UK Adventure Park is a supervised activity and fitness venue inspired by ITV’s hit programme Ninja Warrior UK. There are a number of centres opening up across the UK and we were asked to provide some fun lighting solutions that will add to the atmosphere for both kids out having fun and adults looking to take on the challenge.

Using digitally programmable LED we were able to provide a unique lighting sequence for use in a number of areas. With a red, white and blue corporate colour scheme Ninja Warrior wanted the lighting to fade through that sequence of colours – up the wall, on the ceiling and dropping through tubes.

Working to dimensions provided by the client and their contractor we made a series of LED assemblies and supplied those to site, ready for installation. We then programmed our C-Box control unit to output data signal to the LED and give the red – white – blue combination. It can also be set to give red, white or blue only (or any other colour for that matter). The suspended tubes were built in our Coventry factory, ready to plug in and turn on.

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Ninja Warrior UK

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RISE Fitness Studio
Case Study
Lighting Case Study: Ninja Warrior UK Adventure Parks

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Popcorn Restaurant & Bar
Case Study
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Retail Display Case Study
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