ProStrip120 LED High Precision Strip | 24V 12w Natural White 4200K (Per Metre)

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Product Code PS120-42-DBX

A high precision, high specification strip made using the highest quality components for the ultimate in accurate colour reproduction and consistency.

The LED's are made by Seoul and we only use carefully colour matched chips within a range so small that differences cannot be detected by the human eye ensuring even colour along the full length.

The design of the strip features an on board constant current IC which means the voltage to each LED is carefully regulated to ensure minimal fade along the length of the strip - because of this, it is possible to run up to 15m in a single length.

The LED's are specified to have a very high CRI - this means that colour reproduction is more faithful and accurate - extremely important if you are displaying items which depend on colour - clothing, food or packing for example.

ProStrip DBX also offers the option of a tuneable colour temperature so that you can adjust the output to suit the mood of the room. Please note that the Tuneable version of this product is NOT Grippa compatible - all other versions ARE.

The triple layer PCB means excellent heat management - we are so confident in the DBX range that it is backed up by a 5 year warranty.

HaloLED Compatible Products

Receiver                                          :      H3-RCV-CV
Remote Controller (Single Colour)     :      H3-RM-1
Remote Controller (Tuneable Colour) :      H3-RM-2


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