Dimming LED Strip Lights

Dimming LED Strip Lights

Almost all LED Strip is dimmable – if the input voltage is reduced then the LED will gently dim. The basic problem in dimming LED strip is that the power supplies are generally designed to provide a constant Voltage (12 or 24v) This means that using a standard dimmer to adjust the voltage into the power supply will not work as the power supply itself readjusts to maintain a steady output. Most dimming therefore has to take place on the low voltage side.

Options Include:

Remote Control DimmingDIM01 / DIM02

If you have a simple single-colour strip system, then you can add an RF wireless control in seconds - it simply plugs in line between your power supply and the strip. There is no set up required.

Pro: Simple and low cost

Con: Not particularly elegant

Low Voltage Wall Dimmer

This requires a low voltage feed in from the power supply with the output going to the start of the strip assembly. Simple and effective and capable of controlling up to 6amps.

Pro:  No additional wiring, moderate cost

Con: Limited size of installation

0-10V Dimmer

Requires a specialized dimmer switch and 0-10v dimmer control units. Suitable for use with lighting control systems (such as LUTRON systems) or where a larger installation requires controlling. The advantage of 0-10v systems are that single wall dimmers can control several 0-10v dimming control units each of which can operate 6amps of LED strip.

Pro: Can control larger installations

Con: Additional wiring, more expensive

Dimming Using a Standard Rotary (Triac) Dimmer

There are a few specially designed power supplies that will operate with a Triac dimmer unit, however it is important to select the correct unit for the installation. For proper dimming you must use a dimmer which is rated to run at between 70-100% of its capacity otherwise flickering can occur. So for example if you are using a 3amp dimming driver and assuming a 12v system then the total wattage should be in the range of 25 to 36w. If it’s a 24v system then the total wattage should be load should be in the range of 50w to 72w. We recommend using the Aurora triac dimmer as this has been proved to operate successfully with our dimming drivers (AU-DSP400X)

Pro: Simple installation

Con: Careful choice required, limited system size

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