0.50mm 2 core Flex White
0.50mm 2 core Flex White
2-Core Flex Cable For Single Colour LED Strip 0.75mm
2-Core Flex Cable For Single Colour LED Strip 0.75mm
3-Core Cable For Adjustable White & PixelStrip | 2m
3-Core Cable For Adjustable White & PixelStrip | 2m
5-Core Flex Cable for RGBW Colour Changing LED Strip | 1m
5-Core Flex Cable for RGBW Colour Changing LED Strip | 1m

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No Spotting Line10 | 6000k | 24v | 9w


£8.40 (ex. VAT)
No Spotting Line10 | 6000k | 24v | 9w
No Spotting Line10 | 6000k | 24v | 9w
No Spotting Line10 | 6000k | 24v | 9w
No Spotting Line10 | 6000k | 24v | 9w
No Spotting Line10 | 6000k | 24v | 9w
No Spotting Line10 | 6000k | 24v | 9w



  • Wattage : 9w Per Metre
  • Lumens per metre : 900
  • LED's Per Metre : 480
  • Colour Temperature : 6000k
  • Maximum Single Length : 10m
  • CRi : >90
  • PCB Width : 10mm
  • Cut Points : 50mm
  • Operating Voltage : 24v
  • Backing Tape : 3M VHB 


Line10 - absolutely no spotting - a continuous and even light along the whole length.

Made with the latest manufacturing techniques means a massive 480 LED's per metre for no spotting even without a diffuser.  This is an LED Strip which is perfect for DIY installation as it comes with a range of solder free connectors. It's small size means it can be used in most aluminium profiles whilst it's DOTFREE performance means even very low profile profiles perform well.

It is available with SOLDER FREE connectors which means connection to the power supply is quick, easy and reliable (Part code NS-LINE10-PC)

It operates at 24V and a maximum of 9w per metre and if powered from one end the maximum single length is 10m, however if you want a longer length we can make this for you but you will need to provide power to both ends.

It is compatible with any of our HaloLED controls.

NoSpot has a 3M VHB (Very High Bond) adhesive backing for easy installation and a long term adhesion.

3 Year Warranty


Data Sheet

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Key benefits of our COB

No Spotting

Easy To Install

Fully Dimmable With The Correct Controls

NoSpot can be housed in a compatibly sized LED Profile with Diffuser.

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  • When items at price including vat are added to cart, shippng is added, then for some reason Taxes are added, why? and what taxes as vat has already been costed in?.

    Hi, the indivdual line items in the cart are inclusive of VAT, when you continue through to the payment page the VAT is seperated out and the subtotal is without VAT, there are not extra taxes added, they are just broken out to two lines for invoicing purposes.

  • hi which led and power supply do you suggesting for kitchen ceiling drywall led profiles single run 12m second 4m third 5m long without loosing power of light on the end thanks

    Hi, assuming these will all be run from one power supply for this applicaton, I would recommend the 200w Meanwell powr supply Here, I would also recommend that a secondary power cable on the Positive line is added at the end of the 12m run, so running power from both ends to avoid any voltage drop.

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