Installing LED Strip Lights - Single Colour

Installing LED Strip Lights - Single Colour

A reliable LED strip lighting system relies on two elements being correct – proper system design and correct installation. If corners are cut then the installation may well work for a while but premature failure or erratic performance is likely.


• If the LED strip is not being installed in LED aluminium profile, then you must ensure that the surface is clean and dry, dust and oil free otherwise the tape on the rear of the strip will not hold properly.
• If the surface is not clean and dry, then we recommend that the LED strip is mounted in an aluminium profile which can be screwed into place.
• Connect the cables to the LED strip BEFORE mounting the strip – this avoids any issues where access is difficult and it is necessary to twist and bend the strip to attach the connectors.
• Do not attempt to reposition the LED strip once it is place – the adhesive is NOT designed to be repositioned and this will seriously impact on it’s durability.
• Do not crease the strip or try to bend it round corners in the horizontal plane.
• Always ensure that the strip is securely stuck down – if it is not stuck down then heat is not being transmitted away correctly.
• Do not install and any surface which is flammable at temperatures of less than 60c.
• Ensure all wiring is done in accordance with the latest wiring regulations – if in doubt consult a qualified electrician.
• Use the appropriate cable to link between sections – we recommend a minimum 0.5mm or AWG20 diameter cable which will carry 6 amps. We do not recommend the use of CAT5 or CAT6 cables, these are for data not power. (See our guide Why Not To Use CAT5 Cable For RGB Strip)

System Design

For optimum performance there are a few simple guideline to follow:

• No single LED strip length should be greater than that detailed in the specifications for your strip.
• If you need longer lengths then introduce power in the centre of the run or to both ends. This will double the single run length
• Employ a power supply which has at least 30% more capacity than your system requires.


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