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PixelStrip RGB+W Digital LED Strip Lights | 60 LEDs pm | 12V | Black PCB - LEDSpace
PixelStrip RGB+W Digital LED Strip Lights | 60 LEDs pm | 12V | Black PCB - LEDSpace

PixelStrip RGBW, 12v, 60 LED, 6k, UCS2904, Black PCB

(£24.50 Ex VAT)
Product Code: PX60-12V-RGBW-60

3 LED's per pixel, 20 pixels per metre.

A 12v Pixelstrip with 60 LED's per metre on a black PCB. Each addressable pixel comprises 3 LED's meaning this product has 20 pixels per linear metre. 

The LED has a low drive voltage which allows for environmental protection and energy saving, high brightness,  good consistency, low power, and long life. 

The drive IC is the well proven UCS2904. It has a 3 line construction with +ve, data and -ve.  The RGBW chip runs at 6000k on the white side.

If power and data are connected at one end, end the longest single recommended run length is 4m - if additional power is provided at the end of the strip, then the recommended maximum is 8m - the data signal is only required at one end.

This is a Digital product and must be used with an appropriate controller - it will not work by simply connecting 12v power.

Order Code : PX60-12V-RGBW


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Superior Control

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Dynamic Pixel Control

Maxilux C-Box simplifies pixel control for dynamic color-changing LEDs. Ideal for homes, venues, retail, and exhibitions.


DMX: reliable, unidirectional control, perfect for color-changing LEDs.

Automation & Control Systems

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WiFi & RF Control

Versatile LED control with Tuya app (WiFi) and Maxilux C-Box (pixel LEDs). RF allows remote operation without line-of-sight.

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PixelStrip Advantage

Comparing PixelStrip to Standard RGB Lighting

 FeaturePixelStrip RGBWStandard RGB
Single LED Chip ControlEach chip can be controlled individuallyThe whole strip must be one colour and brightness
Strip is operated digitallyDigital operation allows movement through the whole length of LEDOperation relies on voltage variation which limits choices on colour changing
Colour Range is limitlessVery precise hues and tones can be achieved using genuine white with coloursColours must be a mix of red, green and blue
AnimationsControllers can be set to produce intricate animation detailsLimited to display one colour at a time
High level of customisationControllers can be programmed to offer specific outputs over defined timescalesOnly basic outputs can be set by experienced engineers
Sensor reactionsSensors can provide dedicated dynamic lighting responseSensors offer on/off operation only
Response to media inputOutput can mimic video and audio inputsLimited to simple audio response

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Product Q&A

  • yeah is it possible to know the refresh rate and maximum transmission speed of this product pls ! Its for Diy High performances pixels leds mapping so its why i need to know this, thanks you for this ! PX60-12V-RGBW

    Thank you for your enquiry.

    This would depend on the total amount of pixels you would have, for example if you had 1024 pixels it would be about 24fps.

    I hope this helps.

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