HaloLED Amazon Alexa Compatable Interface for LED Strip

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Creates a bridge between the HaloLED system components and Amazon Alexa units with built in Zigbee Smart Hubs (Echo Show 8 or Plus) and all Halo Smarts Controls and Units. Once installed you can use Alexa Voice Skills or the Smartphone App to control you lighting in a natural manner - for example " Alexa Dim the lights in the Study"

You can It allows full control of all HaloLED receivers from your Smartphone and allows quick and detailed creation of multiple scenes. 

It has multiple channels which means it can work with single colour, adjustable white and RGBW Colour Changing LED Strip.

Works alongside any other HALO controls you wish to have, so for example you could have smartphone and Wall Controllers on the same system, everything works seamlessly together. 


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