What do you need to create an Adjustable White LED Strip System?

Apart from the LED Strip, to make an adjustable colour temperature system you will need each of the following unless you are using a Smart device such as Alexa or Philips Hue - instructions for these items are further down the page.

  • Power Supply
Up to 5m PowerSmart75-24 or PowerPro75-24
Up to 8m PowerPro100-24

  • A Control Interface   (NOT required if you are using  PowerSmart Power Supply)
Halo Receiver H3-RCV-CCT

  • A Control Method - Choose at least one
Wall Switch Coming Soon
Hand Held Remote H3-RM-05
Smartphone App AppLink

    • Connecting Cable - Flat 3 Core 

    • Optional Items (click the links for more information):
    Connectors to connect cables to LED Strip GRIPPA
    We will solder cables onto the LED Strip for you Soldering Service 
    Easily connect multiple wires together WAGO Connectors


    OR for a specific Smart Device see below :

    Using Adjustable Ambiance LED Strip with Philips Hue - here
    Using Adjustable Ambiance LED Strip with Amazon Echo/Alexa - here
    Using Adjustable Ambiance LED Strip with Google Home - here

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