Digital LED Pixel Projects

Incredible customised dynamic lighting effects using digital LED strip

Bespoke Addressable LED Strip Lighting

We’ve produced dynamic LED pixel lighting systems for a wide range of projects, from crazy musical instruments to complex architectural applications. Got any idea? Get in touch with our team. We specialise in custom made control systems for addressable LED strip lighting.

Incredible Dynamic Effects

Digital addressable LED strip opens up a world of possibilities for incredible moving light effects, from simple colour chasing effects to complex pixel matrices to display video and graphics.

Our custom controls can be designed to achieve exactly what you want, including specific movements, effects, speed and colours. We’ve developed our own technologies that provide wireless linking of devices to allow syncronised colour effects across multiple areas as well as inputs from existing controllers.

Tailor Made Controls

Our digital LED strip specialists can create completely customised pixel control systems to order for a variety of applications where off-the-shelf controllers are too restrictive. Watch the videos to some of our digital LED strip systems in action!

We can supply controllers that operate as standalone units, with bespoke behaviour as well as tailored remotes and wall-switches which recall your desired settings. Alternatively we can provide ArtNet and DMX compatibility if you are looking to incorporate lighting into an existing set up.

Some previous projects..

We’ve produced dynamic lighting systems for a wide range of projects, but they’re particularly effective in entertainment environments like bars, nightclubs and restaurants.

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