How is our LED Strip made?

We have a partner factory in Shenzhen, China which is the world's leading centre for the production of LED Strip - there are many hundred's of factories here producing LED Strip - many are good, some are very poor and some are simply world class - we prefer the world class one. We have 80+ people assembling our products and have a permanent presence there to ensure quality standards are maintained.

We produce over 0.5million metres of LED Strip per year and our factory is different from many in that we have 9 machines actually asembling the LED's - the machines are amazing to watch working at incredible speed and with precision - this video shows the wires being connected to the raw LED Chips.

After the chips are made then they are placed onto the flexible PCB - here's one of 3 Pick and Place machine which put the components onto the LED Strip at a speed of 20000 pcs per hour

After the components are in position, then the PCB's are ready to be soldered - this is done by passing them through an over which have precisely controlled temperature zones - this melts the solder and fixes everything in place.
Testing is obviously very important - here you can see our Pixel Tape being 100% tested - each strip gets at least 2 hours burn testing to be sure there are no issues.
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