DMX To SPI Decoder & HaloLED SPI LED Strip Controller

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A DMX512 to SPI decoder that provides direct control of digital addressable LED strip lights from DMX master units and can also be used in stand alone mode with full RF control.

Compatible with all digital IC SPI LED strip lights.

  • In DMX mode, it operates with a standard DMX512 compliant interface. DMX addresses can be set easily.
  • In standalone mode, it operates as a simple controller with 32 dynamic modes, adjustable speed and brightness.
  • In RF mode, it can be used with HaloLED remote & wall controls or through the smartphone app via APPLink.


Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • Does this work with WS2812b LED’s?

    Yes, this unit is compatible with WS2812-B LEDs, as well as most other common types.