Single Colour LED Strips - some questions answered


LED Strip is great for creating interesting lighting effects. It's safe and easy to install and can give a room shape and depth. Let's understand a few basics.

What is meant by Colour Temperature?

Put simply, this is the colour of the light - it can range from a very warm, almost yellow light (2400k) up to a cleaner,cool white (6000k). There's no right and wrong, it's down to personal preferences and to the colours in the room.

Most LED Strip is supplied in single colour temperatures BUT you can also choose to have an adjustable Strip - take a look at our Advantage adjustable LED Strip - you can change the colour temperature to suit your mood and best of all, it's no more expensive than fixed colour LED Strip!

How about the wattage?

Wattage is simply a measure of the amount of power consumed though many present it as an indicator of the brightness which in a sense it is. Think about how you will be using the light - if is simply for effect for example around a kitchen plinth, then a 6w product will be fine. Once you start using the higher power 12W per metre plus products, you should add dimming as otherwise you could find it to be just too bright. In our opnion a good compromise is to use a 9w per metre, 120 LED tape - this give plenty of light and reduced spotting effect. 

12 or 24v LED Strip - what's the difference?

The first thing to say is that 24v strip is NOT more powerful. The voltage make no difference to the light output. There are 2 big advantages to using 24v LED Strip - they enable you to install longer lengths without experiencing any dimming towards the end of the LED Strip and secondly they operate at a lower current meaning the heat generated is less which helps with long term reliability. One area where 12v LED Strip has a small advantage is in the cut points - if a 12v product has a cut point every 25mm then the equivalent 24v LED Strip will be 50mm.

Can I dim the LED Strip?

Yes. Just not with a regular mains type dimmer - this will not work unless you purchase a special (and more expensive) dedicated power supply. If you use one of our PowerSmart units then dimming is included as standard.

Do I have to put it Aluminium Profile?

No, however for products which are > 10w per metre it is strongly recommended as they do generate heat and this needs to be managed to prolong the life and to operate safely. Most people do use profiles as they do give a more professional, finished look.

Can I have single long runs - that is longer than 5m

Yes no problem - but you will need to use a 24v ProStrip instead of 12v TradeStrip. You can then have single runs of up to 10m. For even longer runs simply locate the power supply in the centre and have up to 10m to the left and 10m to the right.

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