Single Colour LED Strips - some questions answered

LED Strip is great for creating interesting lighting effects. It's not so difficult to understand but there are a few basics to begin with.

What is Colour Temperature ? - It's the colour of the white light generated by the LED Strip - it can range from a very warm, almost yellow light (2400k) up to a cleaner,cool white (6000k). There's no right and wrong, it's down to personal preferences and to the colours in the room.

You can buy LED Strip in separate colour temperature but why not have your cake AND eat it - take a look at our Advantage adjustable LED Strip - Advantage allows you to change the colour temperature to suit your mood and best of all, it's no more expensive than fixed colour LED Strip!

 How about the wattage?

Wattage is simply a measure of the amount of power consumed though many present it as an indicator of the brightness which in a sense it is. Think about how you will be using the light - if is simply for effect for example around a kitchen plinth, then a 6w product will be fine though most products at this level will only have 60 LED's per metre which means that you can get a spotting effect. In our opinion the best compromise is a 9w per metre, 120 LED tape - this give plenty of light and reduced spotting effect. 

Q: Can I dim the LED Strip?

Yes. Just not with a regular mains type dimmer - this will not work unless you purchase a special (and more expensive) dedicated power supply. If you use one of our PowerSmart units then dimming is included as standard.

Q: What do I need to make a fully working system?

You only need 2 basic elements:

  1. LED Strip
  2. A Power Supply

If you want dimming or smartphone control then you need to add HaloLED Control - see the range here.

Q : Can I have single long runs - that is longer than 5m

A : Yes no problem - but you will need to use a 24v ProStrip instead of 12v TradeStrip. You can then have single runs of up to 10m. For even longer runs simply locate the power supply in the centre and have up to 10m to the left and 10m to the right.

You can see our range of fixed colour LED Strips here or if you want to find out more about installing LED Strip then click here


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