Dimmable 24v Single Colour Systems


Create your own single colour, fully dimmable LED Strip system using our integrated range.

Advantage solder free LED Strip offers 120 LED's per metre for reduced spotting, whilst the 9.5w per m power will provide a good, bright light whilst ProStrip is brighter at 12w per metre.

It's so simple to control using our HaloLED range - the power supply has a built in receiver and dimmer unit, which is controlled wirelessly. You can control multiple sets of LED Strip using a single remote, or if you prefer, you can have multiple types of remote to control the strip - easy!

Why 24v?

A higher voltage has several advantages over 12v - voltage drop is reduced which means that you can get much longer lengths before the brightness begins to fade plus they operate at a lower current which means reduced heat and greater long term reliability. One common myth - a higher voltage does NOT equal higher brightness!

 Watch a video about using solder free LED strip here