15m LED Strip Light Reels

15 metre reels of LED strip lights can handle most installations around the house, office and other business uses. From under cabinets in kithchens to ceiling coving, 15m gives you ample length to work with.

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LED strip lights have a max run length before light quality is drastically reduced. Some of our strip can handle single runs of 15m - please check individual product pages for max single run lengths. However, if there's a specific LED strip you want to use that states a shorter than 15m length, this is simple to handle, be it, putting power supply at the centre of the length. Check out our article on 'how to handle longer runs' for more options.

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Royal Shakespeare Company

"When the Royal Shakespeare Company wanted to create a WOW factor stage to celebrate the 400th Birthday of the Bard, they turned to us to create a stunning wall and floor display for the programme which was broadcast live on BBC2."

John Lewis

"Maxilux provided all the LED Strip assemblies for use in their Xmas window displays in 2018 & 2019. LED Tubes were created and then used in all major windows as a centrepiece for the well renowned John Lewis Christmas Displays."