Managing Long Runs of LED Strip

Managing Long Runs of LED Strip

All LED Strip requires a stable voltage – if this voltage changes then so does the brightness of the LED. Unfortunately as low voltage electricity passes through cables, voltage drop occurs which means that over longer runs the LED’s at the end of a run will be less bright that those at the beginning.

The recommended maximum single lengths are :

TuffStrip 12v : 15m

TuffStrip 24v : 12m

ProStrip 24v : 15m

TradeStrip : 15m

There are several ways to achieve longer runs:

1) Use two power supplies and provide power at both ends.

2) Use a single power supply and place it in the centre of a long run rather than at the end.

3) Use an amplifier.

4) Use 24v LED strip rather than 12v.

5) Use LED Strip with a thicker copper PCB.

6) Ensure that the distance between the power supply and the LED strip does not exceed 2m.