LED Smart Controls


The HaloLED range is a range of smart, room level, LED strip controllers which all link together wirelessly to give you the control you require with the minimum of effort.

A system needs a receiver and some form of control for every area of lighting that you wish to control - our recommendation is to use the PowerSmart as this is a combined power supply and control interface - much easier to install and use, and as it operates with single colour, adjustable colour temperature and RGB&+W led strip, it's a comprehensive solution.

It's flexible - you can have multiple different types of control connected to a single receiver or connect multiple receivers to a single control. Use an APPLINK if you want to have Smartphone control to create multiple scenes or zones.

All HaloLED items communicate wirelessly so are easy to install.

Need some advice on add smart controls to your LED strip lighting? Get in touch with our expert support team, we'll be happy to help. Contact us >

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